Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Night Jesus Joined the Revolution

I had this opportunity to see a staged reading of Fouad Teymour's play "The Night Jesus Joined the Revolution" , directed by Brian Golden at Silk Road Rising Theatre Company in Chicago.
The title is enormously capturing. it's a story of Egypt revolution.
Picture courtesy of Silk Road Rising

"At the height of the Arab Spring, while a band of revolutionaries are embroiled in the fight of their lives to topple an oppressive regime and revive their country's dream of "Freedom, Dignity, and Social Justice!", they must contend with a fast-spreading rumor that Jesus has been sighted in the square. How will this apparition impact their battle? Will it catalyze the revolution or totally annihilate it?"

Fouad Teymour, The Playwright

Some more information on the Silk Road Rising. 

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