Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aleph & words of wisdom

This passage of  Aleph by Paulo Coelho takes me to the tragedy happened at Sandy Hook elementary School in Newtown.

In his travelling to Tunis, Paulo Coelho meets Samil, a Tunisian young man who takes him to this Palace:

“He takes us to a beautiful building where, in 1754, q man killed his own brother. The brother’s father resolved to build this palace as a school, as a way of keeping alive the memory of his murdered son. I say that surely the son who had committed the murder would also be remembered.
“It’s not quite like that,” says Samil. “In our culture, the criminal shares his guilt with everyone who allowed him to commit the crime. When a man is murderer, the person who sold him the weapon is also responsible before God. The only way in which the father could correct what he perceived as his own mistake was to transform the tragedy into something useful to others.”
Page 36-37
Instead of resorting to vengeance, which would be merely a one-time punishment, he created a school in which wisdom and learning were passed on more than two centuries,” Samil says.
Page 37

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