Sunday, December 16, 2012

Instead of WHAT is happening, we should see WHY is happening

The Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary School reminded me of one of Bertolt Brecht’s interviews on  a way an audience should observe a scene:  “….Instead of WHAT is happening, we should see WHY is happening.”

The whole world is lamenting for the Friday tragedy.  We are profoundly devastated for what has happened in Newtown School. I can’t imagine the amount of sorrow and grief it has created among victims’ families, friends, the town, the country and the whole world. I share my sorrow with all of them.
I have left with a question:  Do we ask WHY our youth are drowned to such ruthless violence? Do we analyze the “reasons” behind all these tragedies? We could say the young mass murderers had autism or Asperger's syndrome, a personality disorder or had suffered from “mental illness” . But WHY some in a society suffer tremendously from that kind of psychological disorder? And WHY are they become capable of such cruelty? Things are related. An individual act cannot be separated from political, sociological, economical, cultural, educational, geographical and family’s situation.  We can start from simple questions such as: Why was Adam’s mother a gun collector? 

“But Mrs Lanza was also, according to friends, an avid gun collector.
Dan Holmes, owner of a Connecticut landscaping firm, said Mrs Lanza once showed him a "high-end rifle" that she had purchased, adding, "She said she would often go target shooting with her kids".
The gun used to shoot Mrs Lanza was her own.” 

In 1991 when I was at the University of Iowa and a massshooting happened, I had a discussion with a good hearted woman lawyer, asked her innocently that in a society that great facilities are available for the safety of its citizen and people pay taxes, why the notion of gun control is still a taboo? She looked at me shockingly and said:  “what you’re saying is against the secondamendment of the U.S. Constitution. People have the right to protect themselves by keeping and bearing arms.” I said: “The second amendment of the US constitution had been issued in 1791. Things have changed since then! We should change the law!”  She said: “You’re touching on something which is sacred to our people!”
I kept silent. 

I care for people and the world around me…and I see the world as a big stage. I cannot close my eyes to those who suffer from great losses. I cannot hold my weeping cry....

Why does a society produce many mass murderers among its youth?

Some words pop up in my mind:
Methods of analysis need to be learned. Humanity and Love need to be redefined. We should see a phenomenon from different dimensions and angles. We should learn how to think in search of solutions. We are all responsible.

Isolation vs inclusion/integration
Individualism vs community.
Materialism vs spiritualism
Divorce vs Reconciliation
Greed vs moderation
Guns vs Gun control /serenity
Violent video games vs games based on great literature
Violent movies vs artistic movies
War vs Peace
Education vs artificiality
Depth vs superficiality
Hypocrisy vs  honesty
Humanity vs...........

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