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U.S. War with Iran!

6 Signs the U.S. may Be Headed for War in Iran

Is the United States moving toward military action with Iran?

We will stand up for our right!

Watch this video clip on Iranian Student's demonstration for freedom.

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Over 112 Palestinians killed!

Over 112 Palestinians Killed in Five-day Israeli attack. An interview with Mohammad Omar Palestinian journalist living in Gaza strip, and Amira Hass, correspondent for Israeli newspapers.

Stephen Kinzer on Us-Iran Relations

Stephen Kinzer on US-Iranian Relations, the 1953 CIA Coup in Iran and the Roots of Middle East Terror. Read or watch his interview.

"Bruce Laingen, who had been the chief American diplomat in Iran and was the most prominent figure among the hostages that were held there for 444 days. And I knew that Laingen had become an advocate of reconciliation with Iran, which I consider quite remarkable, considering the ordeal that he suffered, so I wanted to talk to him. I hadn’t met him before. And we exchanged some emails after that.
He told me an amazing story. He said, “I had been sitting in my solitary cell as a hostage for about a year, when one day the cell door opens, and there is standing one of the hostage takers, one of my jailers. And all of my rage and my fury built up over one year sitting in that cell just burst out, and I started screaming at him, and I was telling him, ‘You have no right to do this! This is cruel, this is inhumane! These people have done nothing! This is a violation of every law of god and man! You cannot take innocent people hostage!’” He said, “I went on like this for several minutes. When I was finally out of breath, the hostage taker paused for a moment, and then he leaned into my cell and said, in very good English, ‘You have no right to complain, because you took our whole country hostage in 1953.’”