Monday, December 30, 2013

La promesse

“La promesse is the breakthrough feature from Luc andJean-Pierre Dardenne, who would go on to become a force in world filmmaking. The brothers brought the unerring eye for detail and the compassion for those on society’s lowest rungs developed in their earlier documentary work to this absorbing drama about a teenager (Jérémie Renier) gradually coming to understand the implications of his father’s making a living through the exploitation of undocumented workers. Filmed in the Dardennes’ industrial hometown of Seraing, Belgium, La promesse is a brilliantly economicaland observant tale of a boy’s troubled moral awakening.”

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Degardissi-ye cinema-ye iran beh cinema-ye Halal

Mahasti Shahrokhi published a new book on Iranian cinema: Degardissi-ye cinema-ye iran beh cinema-ye Halal: Majmo'eh-ye Maghaleh (Persian Edition)

Mahasti lives in Paris and has been constantly written fiction, poetry and  articles on Cinema, women's right movement and  expressed daringly  her critical views on social-political issues.

Her books are available at Amazon.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

What If Animals Could Talk to You

Anna Breytenbach

Interesting Read and Watch
"I’ve just watched the most incredible film about communicating with animals. The message it brings us is so deep. I feel that Anna Breytenbach, a highly skilled telepathic inter-species communicator, holds an important key to the evolution of humanity and this planet. Anna understands the trauma experienced by the animals in the documentary in a way that I have never seen before; transforming a deadly growling black leopard into a peaceful cat; having wild baboons groom her hair; experiencing fish swimming right up to her in a river; wild birds landing on her shoulder etc…
It’s all about the vibration!
So what does this mean for us?
It’s no secret that the human race as a whole has lost something incredibly sacred and divine; the ability to communicate soul to soul with absolutely authenticity… the ability to permeate through the veil of illusion and connect with what is really real. If people are able to openly embrace the gift of communication with other animals and nature, we’d experience firsthand the inter-connectedness of all life. We’d sense the need to honor and respect the earth and all of our fellow sentient beings. For humans this would mean reclaiming the lost aspects of our soul and meeting in the place where we no longer judge one another; the space where we align with the natural flow of the universe. We’d know exactly how we are meant to co-exist and live in harmony with this world. This opens the pathway to the higher paradigm."

I highly recommend this full length 52 minute documentary film on the art of animal communication, viewable here: The Animal Communicator

Spying on Democracy

Heidi Boghosian on Spying and Civil Liberties on Bill Moyers & Company
A surveillance expert says the government and corporations are routinely watching our activities, making a mockery of our civil liberties.

One year after the tragedy in Newtown

One year after the tragedy in Newtown, Bill speaks withcultural historian Richard Slotkin about the role of firearms in America’s national psyche.

Friday, December 13, 2013


"Robert Bresson plumbs great reservoirs of feeling with Mouchette, one of the most searing portraits of human desperation ever put on film. Faced with a dying mother, an absent, alcoholic father, and a baby brother in need of care, the teenage Mouchette seeks solace in nature and daily routine, a respite from her economic and pubescent turmoil. An essential work of French filmmaking, Bresson’s hugely empathetic drama elevates its trapped protagonist into one of the cinema’s great tragic figures."