Friday, July 11, 2008

Weaponized lung cancer!

Responding to a question about a survey that shows increased exports to Iran, mainly from cigarettes, Senator McCain said, "Maybe that's a way of killing them."

McCain: "My friends, in these trying times in which we live, there's one thing all Americans can agree on: killing Iranians is hilarious.".....

(All Americans can agree on....?!!)

Read this article by Andy Borowitz.

Bob Cesca: "Killing Iranian Civilians Isn't hilarious, Senator McCain."

"....How, then, should we describe a clearly unbalanced presidential candidate who jokes about killing innocent civilians as part of a larger war-mongering foreign policy?" Read the whole article, and watch this video clip.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings....

Feelings by Nina Simone
Feelings of LOVE....YOU'LL HELP ME.... HA?

Derya Önder

Derya Önder is a poet, editor and publisher from Turkey. Read one of her poems:


We are on the verge of the night that is approaching, whirling and whirling

At the edge of the bridge composed of the murmurs uttered when we are delirious

How is it possible to narrate why all these injuries occur, without arms and weapons

How is it possible to explain this depthlessness causing the flower to fade

Life is a ball of silk thread, multicoloured

Life is all the sad poppies standing still under the rainbow

The mystery in how a man falls in love with a woman silently

How the magic is unveiled in the silent love of a woman

I am gathering all the rain drops, all the downpours in the towns

that are piled together

Gathering the suns in the vast blues, our hands so skinny

The piercing pain of all the incomplete loves, carried away,

in whatever age one is

Ask me, I will tell how many stars there are, if possible,

All rolling down in the night, from the darkness, into the light

Our mouths, full of foam, love in our mouths, chewed and spit out

Welcome’s, goodmorning’s, how are you’s all chewed and spit out

This is not how it goes, I know, impossible to proceed, remaining thus behind

Thin ropes stretched between us, ponds of tear drops rolling down in thin lines

How can the lovers ordered to go away, and all those unreachable Springs be narrated

Better would it be you and me as the only audience, how crowded are the spectators

Watching the despair, as if one crosses a garden full of pebbles, rocks, stones

Stabbing one, piercing needles into the body in full length

And then, watching how one suffers, this unmatched defeat, that is unique

We are approaching turning round and round, remaining in the night

That is why we still are where we are, the abscissa, zero and all, zero is the ordinate

No wings have I, stretched out, not even a revenge, not taken at all

No harm done in asking you for the last time, I know

No harm done for certain women

If they remain out of their shells then they won’t be in despair

No pain in my soul, dry are my eyes, and if despair

Does not roam around me...then I am well, better than anyone....

Our mouths, full of foam, why is all this foam for

This night, which season does it belong to, and who says ‘you’ to you

Being involved in life, falling in love, into despair, laughing and playing

Weeping for the one that has passed away, just laughing and playing

As I already said, if it is a dream, it is a dream, and if a lie, then it is a lie

As the lies told destroy the untold dreams

This is how we all calm and withdrawn, how offended...and thirsty

Now we should rest beneath the trees grown by us

And, just today, is the exact time to talk about us, and about all those

Septembers, Octobers that will follow each other in time, the way you wish

The children too die as their childhoods do die

Open the rear window of the world and look around

That green field and grass made up of hopes

That carnation, that rose, that one, tell me what its name is

The one that falls upon the darkness, whirling and whirling

Is it this life that will take us out into the streets

I just laugh.

(Translated into English by Aysu ERDEN)

Two New Plays

My 10-minute play "Medea Was Born in Fallujah" directed by Phoebe Duncan, acted by Heather Irwin and Benjamin W. Haile, was on the stage at Lincoln Square Arts Center from June 2 to 15, 2008
Lincoln Square Arts Center
4754 North Leavitt
Chicago, IL 60625
Tel: (773) 275-7930

In July 30, 2008 I will perform my new play "My Name is Inanna" in El Centro Su Teatre in
Denver, Colorado.

Confronting the Silence: Building Bridges of
28th Annual Women and Theatre Program Conference
July 30, 2008
El Centro Su Teatro
4725 High Street, Denver, CO 80216

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008

Dreaming Up America

I met Russell Banks the great American thinker and novelist at the University of Maryland in Winter 2007. He is not only a remarkable writer, but also an exceptional human being.

Read and listen to his interview.

Excerpts of Russell Banks' words are posted at Ralph Nader's 2008 Blog.

Listen also to his interview in Bob Weekends' Weekend.

russell banks

Russell Banks: We’re Dreaming