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"Seven Palestinian Children"

I met Deb Margolin in one of her readings in November 2009. Her candid critiques on human irresponsibility, her straightforward nature towards art and her warmth for new people she meets, were what moved me the most. It was during the reading of “Seven Jewish Children” by Caryl Churchill and her play “Seven Palestinian Children” where I felt how deeply close I feel I am to her in sober honesty and social consciousness. And…then I translated her play into Persian!

DEB MARGOLIN is a playwright, actor and founding member of Split Britches Theater Company, She is the author of eight full-length solo performance pieces, which she has toured throughout the United States, and is the recipient of a 1999-2000 OBIE Award for Sustained Excellence of Performance.
Deb's play O Wholly Night and Other Jewish Solecisms, a solo piece investigating the recondite and sexy nature of waiting for the Messiah, was commissioned by the Jewish Museum of New York in 1996. In February of 2001, PS122 in New York presented Deb's play Three Seconds in the Key, a meditation on illness, love, basketball and Yiddish, in a workshop production; the play was premiered under the auspices of New Georges at Baruch Performing Arts Center in April of 2004. Deb has been artist in
residence at Hampshire College and University of Hawaii and Zale writer-in-residence at Tulane University, and is currently an Associate Professor of Playwriting and Performance in Yale University's Theater Studies Program. A book of Deb's performance pieces and plays, entitled Of All The Nerve: Deb Margolin SOLO, was published in 1999 by Cassell/Continuum Press. She was awarded the 2005 Richard H. Brodhead Prize for Teaching Excellence at Yale University, and the 2005 Kesselring Playwriting Prize. In 2008 she was honored to accept the Helen Merrill Distinguished Playwright Award, and is a proud member of New Dramatists.

Read My Persian Translation of the Play:
"Seven Palestinian Children"
A Play for the other
By Debora Margolin
Translated by Ezzat Goushegir

در ادامه گفتگو با کاریل چرچیل
"هفت کودک فلسطینی"
(یک نمایشنامه برای دیگری)

نوشته: دبورا مارگولین

برگردان از انگلیسی: عزت گوشه گیر
نمایشنامه ده دقیقه ای"هفت کودک فلسطینی" نمایشنامه ای است که دبورا مرگولین در ادامه گفتگو با کاریل چرچیل نوشته است. کاریل چرچیل، نمایشنامه نویس برجسته انگلیسی بعد از شرایط دردناک غزه در زمان بمباران های اسرائیل در ژانویه 2009 نمایشنامه جنجالی "هفت کودک یهودی"را بعنوان جوابیه ای به این حادثه نوشت که برای اولین بار در فوریه 2009 در تئاتر رویال کورت لندن بروی صحنه آمد و سپس به چاپ رسید. این نمایشنامه با استقبال بی نظیر تئاتردوستان دنیا قرار گرفت و اجراهای گوناگونی از آن بروی صحنه آمد.
دبورا مارگولین نمایشنامه نویس و بازیگر نیویورکی و یکی از بنیانگزاران تئاتر اسپلیت
Read More on her bio in Persian

اونو نبوس.
اونو ببوس اما وقتی که پدرش داره نگاه می کنه نبوسش.
بهش بگو که چه پسر شجاعیه.
بهش بگو که دوستش داری.
بهش بگو که چقدر بزرگ و قدرتمند شده.
بهش بگو که پدرش دوستش داره.
بهش بگو که یه روز اون در کنار پدرش مبارزه می کنه.
بهش نگو.
بهش بگو که اونا به خونه مون نقل مکان کردن.
بهش بگو که خونه مون پر از اسباب اثاثیه بود. وسیع بود با در های بزرگ و کوچک و پنجره هایی مثل تابلو نقاشی.
بهش عکس اون درخت رو نشون بده با شکوفه هاش که بوی تن زنان زیبا رو می داد.
بهش کلید خونه مون رو نشون بده که هنوز توی جیب پدرشه.
بهش نشون نده.
بهش تفنگ پدرشو نشون بده.
نه...اینکارو نکن

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