Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Marc!

Marc J. Bloch

Tomorrow January 13 is your birthday! I celebrate it in the heart of mirrors, in a dark room filled with fragrant candle lights, in the Purple and Red line trains, in the streets of Chicago near the Museum of Art Institute where we saw Georgia o'keefe’s painting for the first time together in 1987.

I celebrate your birthday for you are an exceptional and honorable author. I know not many in this world have read your novels, poems or seen your photographs. You, like Albert Camus and Fernando Pessoa were a stranger to this false literary world... a stranger among the strangers.
While everyone celebrates the birthday of notorious writers and artists, I celebrate your birthday in this room as wide as the galaxies!

Here I am in a picture you took in San Francisco. I had worn a blouse your mother Vivette P. made for me!

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Unknown said...

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