Wednesday, November 3, 2021

An Intelligent Review about MY NAME IS INANNA

A fantastic review for my play “MY NAME IS INANNA”, staged at Red Tape Theatre, published in Rescriptrd. Arti Ishak, the reviewer, grasped the essence of the play and understood the artistic, creative works by the dedicated team: director, actors, dramaturg, light designer, set designer, choreographers, custom designer and many great artists behind the scene, during the hard times of corona! A review should hint on the cultural and artistic significance of a production. And this one does it all!

Red Tape Theatre’s exciting new production speaks to our new hybrid reality with both in person and virtual performances.”
“Ezzat Ghoushegir’s poetic script flows effortlessly between genres, and moves at an excitingly unpredictable pace.”
Ali-Reza Mirsajadi is masterful in his direction, engaging every sense at once, melding live performance and technical elements to seamlessly curate each moment.”
“A rockstar ensemble made up of Nathaniel Andrew, Tamsen Glaser, and Yongwoo.”
Maryam Abdi carries the heart and soul of this story as Inanna.”
“With stories told like this, My Name is Inanna restores faith in the future of SWANA representation by reminding our community to “hold onto hope, remember your name, and wear your crown high.”

Maryam Abdi (she/her)
Nathaniel Andrew (he/him)
Tamsen Glaser (she/her)
Yongwoo (he/him)

Playwright: Ezzat Goushegir (she/her)
Stage Director: Ali-Reza Mirsajadi (he/they)
Livestream Director: Anna H. Gelman (she/her)
Artistic Director: Max Truax* (he/him)
Producer: Aaron Arbiter* (he/him)
Stage Manager: Sam Flipp (she/her)
SM Production Assistant: Lindsey Chidester (she/her)
Production Manager: Corey Bradberry (he/him)
Assistant Director: Mel Elkouz (they/them)
Scenic Design: Valeriya Nedviga
Scenic & Production Design: Yeaji Kim
Assistant Production Design: Parker Molacek
Lighting Design: David Goodman-Edberg
Associate Lighting Design: Hannah Wien
Costume Designer: Izumi Inaba*
Sound Design: Tim McNulty
Movement/Rhythm Directors & Choreographers: Phaedra Darwish (she/her) & Kathie Cantone (she/her)
Dramaturg: Yasmin Zacaria Mikhaiel (she/they)
Intimacy Director: Amanda Pulcini (she/her)
Director of Accessibility: Brenda Scott Wlazlo (she/her)
COVID Compliance Officer: Emily Nichelson (she/her)
Marketing Director: Casey Chapman* (he/him)
Associate Marketing Manager & Webmaster: Joseph Ramski* (he/him)
*indicates Red Tape Company Member

Photo Credit: Anna Gelman. Pictured: Maryam Abdi.



Actor: Maryam Abdi
From left to right: Maryam Abdi, Yongwoo, Tamsen Glaser, Nathaniel Andrew

Actor: Maryam Abdi

Actor: Nathaniel Andrew

Actor: Tamsen Glaser

Dramaturg: Yasmin Zacaria Mikhaiel

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