Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Josiah Kumpost

One of the most amazing things in life is meeting new people, discovering their ideas, interests and philosophy of living. I met Josiah Kumpost, a young actor and director new to Chicago. There is something charismatic about him that keeps you wanting to speak with him. Is it his enormous passion for life? For art? Or his immense energy to create a humane environment filled with hope and anticipation for the citizens of Earth?

In his Artistic Statement he writes: “How do we keep theatre alive?” That’s the question that keeps me going. Because, let’s face it, theatre is a (mostly) dying art form, and we’re doing a pretty damned good job of killing it ourselves, as theatre professionals. My goal is to find a way of attracting modern audiences back to this art form. Audience is the life-flow of the theatre.

Welcome to Chicago, Josiah!

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