Saturday, October 12, 2013

I met a lady today named Maria

Photo courtesy: Sakchai Lalit

It’s such a great feeling to be free on a Saturday! Just to breathe the fresh air, contemplate the yellow mum flowers and enjoy the last days of mild weather in Chicago! And… to meet interesting people.

I met a lady today named Maria.

I was invited to a friend’s house for a cup of hazelnut coffee in the morning. A Hispanic cleaning lady was working in the house. It was such an amazing moment to meet her, observe her and listen to her. I could see clearly the character I have created recently for my new play.

Her name is Maria!

I did not feel bad asking her questions and communicating with her.  No worries if I'm not politically correct. No hesitation. I love to hear people’s stories. Their happiness, sadness, challenges, and struggles through life.

Outside is raining! How fascinating the rain is when you talk to amazing people and listen to their lyrical words, melodic tones of their voice and honest dispositions! How beautiful their language is when they speak in broken English!

Rain is no more a problem. Rain is an act of embracing. Rain brushes the hair of willow trees.

Now it’s sunny after the rain and the cars racing on the wet streets…I don’t need to listen to any music.  
Everything has a certain melody!

She says she is forty three years old, has four children, four grand children, her younger son is ten, her oldest grand child is nine, (they both grow up together like brothers,) has lived in California, New York City, now in Chicago for ten years, and she has lived in the U.S. with her husband for twenty one years!
She is open, quick, enthusiastic and full of life.

She is beautiful!

I ask her: How long have you been living with your husband?
She laughs and says: I don’t live with my husband!
-You left him?
-Oh, no….HE left me!
-How so?
- He left me for a younger woman!
-You’re young and beautiful, why?
- You know how THEY're!
-Can he afford to manage two families?
-I work!
-What does he do?
- What’s his job?
-  He is a chef.
-I hope you’ll find someone who appreciate you for who you are!
-No, no, no…I don’t want anyone, anymore!
-I have my children, and the children of my children. 

She laughs. 
We laugh.

Gustav Klimt laughs too from the image on the wall and winks at me. He kisses me on the canvas, as the brush touches my lips, with watercolor, the color red.

My friend looks at Maria as if seeing her for the first time.

-Maria, Do you know there are many nice songs about Maria?
-Oh, yes, I know many Mexican songs!
-Can you sing us a song, about Maria?

She sang us a song. La bellaMaria

My friend looks at us, surprised, stunned! 

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