Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tehran in 1977

Tehran in 1977 A film by Khosro Sinai
It took me to those years I worked at Theatre Center in Pars Street, Ferdowsi Square, in Tehran... going to work, every morning and returning home in the afternoon, observing the Woman in Red at the corner of  Fedowsi Square, as the symbol of love.

 Beautiful, graceful, delicate, mysteriously silent, she had sat  all day on her usual spot, knitting a red sweater!

Years passed. We were curious. we were stunned!

I couldn't talk to her. Out of respect. Out of wonder. Out of admiration for her liberating madness... her audacity...unusality...stillness.

No one knows what happened to her during the revolution. Or after the revolution. We never saw her again.

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