Saturday, February 2, 2013

Amour & Maria Irene Fornes

Dear Irene,
Last week I saw “Amour”. You were in my mind the whole time... I was looking at the screen and see you there…see you sitting in a room, gazing…outside is raining, raining and cold …and the strange pigeon enters from the open window, walks gracefully, eats little grains on the bear, empty room…silence and empty…empty and silence, when the classical music is playing… and I see you there, sitting, whispering  “Jamais”! I wanted to find the pigeon scene and the classical music…I couldn’t…I’m posting you, instead, Guantanamera…It’s yours, I’m sure, your memory… and mine…when you were a little girl in Cuba and I, a little girl somewhere else, in different time, different place,  with long, wild hair, running barefoot on the hot red-blue marble stones… whispering “Jamais”!


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