Tuesday, July 3, 2012


To Adelaide for her first 4th of July

Adelaide, Adelaide,
Although you were born in Idaho with nobility
Yet, in your veins
Flows the blood of melodious songs of north’s nightingales,
Passions of West’s explorers,
Leniency of East’s mystics and the south’s instinctive powers,

I know, you have an invisible affinity with Rumi’s poetry
And a hidden kinship to Emily Dickinson 
And I know how “Adel” suits you so incredibly well …
And I know north, west, east and south are just an unified region to you
And I know “Adel” is really your name
And I know you will someday search for these words
And see how it feels for a woman to sit in a tiny room
(But so vast by a certain definition)
In Evanston
In July 3, 2012
Hot and humid
While Listening to the crickets’ sunset prayers on top of the trees
And early sounds of fireworks
And thinking of you, Adelaide!

I have been whispering this song with differenttones since the birth of Adelaide...

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