Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Third Wing

Last night I saw the first play of  IVP series, Third Wing (TercerCuerpo) a dark comedy Written by Claudio Tocalchir, translated by Jean Graham-Jones and directed by Emilio Williams, in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes and the Consulate General of Argentina in Chicago.

The Argentinian award-winning play “Third Wing (the story of an absurd attempt)” is a poignant and often hilarious dramedy by one of the most successful international theater artists working today. Five very different characters are united by loneliness, incomprehension and the need to love and be loved. A ramshackle office, a couple’s apartment, a bar and a medical consulting room are the different stages where these human beings try to, one day at a time, survive and move forward with their incomplete lives.

Relevant to our absurd life in the absurd global world, this play in surface is about nothing, because nothing really happens on the stage, but it’s about everything we deal with in our daily life and beyond…our profound loneliness, our strangeness towards each other, our lack of empathy and sensitivity towards those who are in need. All characters --although ordinary but somehow extraordinary--wandering in their web of loneliness, try to solve their problems, especially Hector who dyes his hair jet black, dreaming of someone who falls in love with him!

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