Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Right Amount of Bad

Actors Dan Zellner and Nathan Pease getting ready to perform a reading of William Jordan's 'The Right Amount of Bad.' (Photo courtesy of Sunday Salon)

Last month I watched a short scene of The Right Amount of Bad by William (Bill) Jordan, a young, candid and enthusiastic playwright at SundaySalon. He sent me a copy of his play later that week. As I read the play I found it poignant, absurd and inclusive. It kept me follow the dialogues with enormous interest. The Right Amount of Bad gave me an elaborate picture of the psychology of men and women in today’s American life where the characters are trapped in their lonely, incongruous existence; their need to love, and be loved; their desire for lust while the principles prevent them of their wild dreams. This play examines what humans think, feel and desire for unlimited, for unrestricted. It is a play about an internal struggle between “good” and “bad” and how women and men deal with them.

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