Monday, November 30, 2009

Zeinab Jalalian Sentenced to Death in Iran!

Executions in Iran must be ended! How should we end this brutality? How? How?
Zeinab is sentenced to death!

Read her letter:
Dear Human right organizations

My name is Ms Zeinab Jalalian (زینب جلالیان)
I am 27 years old Kurdish female ,political prisoner, in Iran prison.
My Death sentenced was confirmed by Iranian Supreme Court.
I am currently ill ,because of torture and I don’t have any lawyer to defend me. i want to tell you that . trial took only few minute.
Court told me: “You are a God's enemies. Have to be hanged very soon” That was all my court process

I asked judge to give me permission to say good bye, to my mother and family,
Before execution, he told me "shut up" and rejected.

Zeinab Jalalian (زینب جلالیان)


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