Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Red Balloon

The wind blew and the blue balloon flew away from Kian's delicate fingers. He screamed, then stared at the balloon as it disappeared in the vast blue color of the sky.
I looked at him from behind the window. Not wanting him to know that I was watching him....He didn't see me, but saw the reflection of the blue on the window glass.
He came reluctantly inside, nagging. He didn't want to play with Milan's red balloon.
- Look!...Here's the blue balloon!
Kaveh said, as looking up waving his hands.
We all played with an imaginary balloon, jumping around...laughing. Thinking of The Red Balloon by Albert Lamorisse and Dodesukaden by Kurosawa.
I came home, looking for my VHS copy of The Red Balloon, a 1956 fantasy short film, directed by Albert Lamorisse to give it to Kian as a gift, but I couldn't find it! Some one must have snatched it in my absence!!
I found it on youtube. I watched it again. I couldn't hold my tears when the red balloon was stoned to death! When it gradually became lifeless! I remembered Dua Khalil Aswad...and...

The Red Balloon


Unknown said...

Hi Mrs Gushegir
do you know Mr Ala adin gusheh gir?
if you know . may be you would like to know me.
if you like,answer me

Ezzat Goushegir said...

Yes, I know him. Please email me at goushegir@gmail.com
Thank you.