Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Che Faro Sanza Euridice?

What will I do without Euridice?

It began with Orpheus, the musician who played lyre!
Listen to Shirley Verrett's enchanting voice as Orfeo.
(Shirley Verrett was born into an African-American family in New Orleans, Louisiana.)
Orpheus, enchanted all who heard his songs, he himself was enchanted by the love of the nymph Euridice.
Euridice is bitten by a serpent. The poison of the sting kills her and she immediately dies.
Orpheus in search of her beloved, travels to underworld. He is allowed to bring back his wife from Hades as long as he does not look upon her face until they are back on earth. Urged by Euridice, he turns around and looks at her and she...more
(translation from Italian)
What will I do without Euridice?
Where will I go without my beloved?
Euridice, oh God, answer me!
Yet I still belong to you faithfully.

Dear Shirley Verrett,
Today I found you after 14 years! Your magic voice has inspired me to write several short stories. Thank you!

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