Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A True "A Ha" Moment

"Two days ago I witnessed a horrible accident near my home where a young man crashed his car into a tree and was crushed in between the dashboard and his seat--he had to pulled out after 20 minutes with the "jaws of life" (he is thankfully alive but doubtful if he will ever be the same) As a few neighbors and I arrived at the scene, before first responders got there, we were helpless since we could not move him (seeing a bleeding human body wrapped and encased in metal was surreal), all we could do is reassure the barely conscious young man to breathe..... "Just breathe." It dawned on me that one moment is all it takes for life to change. My childhood and my last moment of life flashed before me and immediately I realized that for many hours I had put my life on hold to do frivolous things, surfing the net (including Facebook!) and watching TV (for too long!) No longer is that acceptable to me, there are so many books to read, people to meet, places to visit and lives to change than to just skate by. This was a true "a ha" moment much like the one I had in 2009. Have a beautiful day, a day with deep introspection."

By Kaveh Adel

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