Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This morning, cardinals were singing again in the freezing, windy weather of Chicago! On the slippery,  icy sidewalks, the roaring wind ruthlessly slapped our face...under the beautiful, bright sunshine!
Sun...How empathetic you are!
Tomorrow will be colder! But I know the cardinals will sing again,
On top of the oak trees!

Happy Spring and Happy Nowruz, my global friends!

سال نو پر از شکفتگی باشد برای شما. هر چند  "نو"  بعد از زمان کوتاهی  "کهنه" می شود! مگر آنکه آدم "نو" و کهنه" را در عمق وجودش جور دیگری تجربه کرده باشد!

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