Sunday, August 5, 2012

Plays on Mass Shootings in U.S.A

In a mass murder, Lu Gang the Chinese physics student at the University of Iowa killed five professors -- including himself – and injured seriously Miya Rodolfo-Sioson, the lone survivor of the November 1,1991 shooting. (Miya died of cancer a few years ago.)Three of the victims were on his dissertation committee. Letters he left indicated that he shot them because they did not think highly enough of his dissertation.

This video has made as a tribute to the victims of the massacre.

I was a student at the Playwiting Workshop at Theatre Department when this shooting happened. Effected by the painful occurrence, I wrote a docu- drama based on this incident. My play is a discovery through Lu Gang’s internal life. Mad as the Blood Sound (Gang LuBought Two Guns) has been read at The Women’s Project in New York, directed by Elaine Smith, at Room 41 in Chicago by Hannah Gale and Victory Garden by Dana Freidman. 
Here is a scene of  Gang Lu Bought Two Guns at The Daily Palette or  “Mad as the Blood Sound).

I wrote another play “Romeo and Juliet in the Dark Alleys of Tehran and Labyrinthine Corridors of Columbine High School” on Colorado Columbine shooting, an analysis of teenage life in the U.S. and Iran which had one reading in Chicago in 2000.

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