Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Name is Inanna in China

In production of My Name is Inanna, Qi Shaoyuan 祁劭媛 stars as Inanna.
The play is directed and translated into Chinese by Xiaoqing Hu.
Pictures courtesy of Hossein Khandan 82, I couldn’t gaze into the eyes of the police guards or the interrogators…because I was blindfolded…covered from top to toes…my mouth was the only part of my body which was exposed!

- Fuck you!
- Excuse me?
- Fuck you bitch! I’m going to report you for insulting the customer!
- I’m sorry!
- You’ll be fired in two days. I buy the most expensive creams for around my eyes from this store and you…What’s your name?

Inanna: I’m in love…I’m in love…I’m in love…

Inanna:... Mirrors all around me…I look at myself on one of them…I don’t know who this woman is! Who is this plastic woman who is staring at me?

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