Monday, September 5, 2011

Pornography and Obscenity

I recently read a translation of "Pornography and Obscenity" a remarkable essay by D. H. Lawrence which I found enormously beneficial for all kind of Puritanical societies with democratic masks. Lawrence unmasks the untruth and defines the truth about sex, pornography and Obscenity.
Lawrence notes: "Nobody quite knows what the word “obscene” itself means, or what it is intended to mean: but gradually all the old words that belong to the body below navel, have come to be judge obscene."
Lawrence did not support pornography, which he defined. “But even I would censor genuine pornography, rigorously . . . you can recognize it by the insult it offers, invariably, to sex, and to the human spirit.” The common man degrades sex, according to Lawrence, and has “as great a hate and contempt of sex as the greyest Puritan . . . they have the grey disease of sex-hatred, coupled with the yellow disease of dirt-lust.”

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