Monday, June 20, 2011

Three Short Plays by Theatre with Accent

In the second reading series by Theatre with Accent we are presenting three Short Plays by Mohsen Azimi, Hattie He and Ezzat Goushegir.
Director: Azar Kazemi
Actors: Bridget Schreiber
Adam Brown
Place: Mess Hall
6932 N Glenwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60626
Neighborhood: Rogers Park

Date: Friday June 24, 2011
Time: 7: PM to 9: 00 PM

Admission is free to the public.

Theatre with Accent is a non-profit theater group in Chicago, mainly for playwrights who have many things to say but very little sources to be heard. This is a cultural “Home” for immigrant playwrights, minorities and those living in diasporas and exile. We will conduct a quarterly public reading series based on selected works, collaborating with professional directors and actors, followed by in-depth discussion with the audience about serious issues raised in the plays.

1- Things are not always the same
By: Mohsen Azimi
Translation: Setareh Behroozi

A free adaptation of Jhumpa Lahiri's "A Temporary Matter", the play opens with the Woman, a twenty-six year-old wife, a nurse at maternity hospital, arriving home at the end of a workday finding her husband sitting behind his desk writing plays about their own life. Things are Not Always the Same is a journey through life and relationships between women and men in contemporary Iran.

2- On the Lantern Festival
By Hattie He
On the Lantern Festival is a romantic comedy about two characters trapped in an elevator in 100th floor of a high building. The play revolves around the robotic life in our modern time and humans need for connection and fulfillment.

3- Medea was born in Fallujah
By Ezzat Goushegir
A modern adaptation of Medea by Euripides, this short play illustrates Medea, an Iraqi woman living in exile in the U.S. faces Fallujah her birth place being invaded and her family brutally massacred in a violent attack. Medea, torn apart with guilt and disturbances; broken and distressed, takes a brutal revenge.

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