Monday, April 25, 2011

Yasmin Levy

"Yasmin Levy an Israeli singr grew up in Jerusalem in a Sephardi family with a great musical tradition and had many Persian speaking friends who introduced her to Iranian divas such as Hayedeh; whose greatness Yasmin aspires to. After listening to her tonight, I am convinced that she is one of the greatest voices on earth and wanted to share that with you. Actually, her rendition of some of the Ladino numbers (Adio Kerida,etc) reminded me of great Latin American voices such as Violetta Parra and Mercedes Sosa.
In this interview she invites herself to perform in Iran and I would love to see the Iranian government to be forced to issue an official response to that. She is eager to be an ambassador for peace with Iran and I hope that she gets her wish some day. The interview is about half an hour with a few minutes of narration in the beginning in Persian explaining her background, performances in Madrid and the Barbicon Center in London.The rest is in English with Persian subtitles."

From an email I received from a friend.

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