Monday, February 21, 2011

Hedda Gabler at DePaul University

Last Saturday I saw Hedda Gabler, written by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Christopher Shinn and directed by Azar Kazemi, as the second installment of the 2010-2011 New Directors Series of The Theatre School at DePaul University.

The new adaptation of Ibsen's late 19 th century feminist drama was more focused on “newlywed Hedda Gabler disillusioned in a life she finds boring and unfulfilling after the loss of her father”. The power game in a male dominated society and Hedda's vengeful revenge of an unjust social system are the main theme of this masterful play.
In this production, the drama was still heavily surrounded but the lightness and comic moments diluted and lightened the load of its tragic notion and dramatic process.
The question is: Was the depth deliberately diluted to thin out the graveness of its tone to be fitted to today's American audience?

By defined setting, beautiful costumes, relevant lighting and intimate environment, Hedda Gabler’s production proves that Azar Kazemi seeks a theatre with substance.

The production opened on Friday, February 11, and ran through Sunday, February 20, 2011, at the Greenhouse Theater Center located at 2257 N. Lincoln Ave
The cast features Adam Brown (Tesman), Joseph Flynn (Loyborg), Aislinn Kerchaert (Berte), Allison Martone (Aunt Julia), Bridget Schreiber (Hedda), Alex Seeley (Judge Brack), and Lisandra Tena (Thea). The staff includes Azar Kazemi (Director), Mitchell Civello (Dramaturgy), Jacob Schuler (Dramaturgy), Rachel Claxton (Scenic Design), Cara Adams (Costume Design), Noah Hayman (Lighting Design), Mike Ross (Sound Design), and Liz Fiala (Stage Management).

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