Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dezful (Sha...r-e Khomoon Desfil)

Recently Our City Dezful "Sha...r-e Khomoon Desfil" A website about Dezful, a city in Khuzestan province in southwestern Iran, interviewed me. The genuine tone of the interviewer Hamid Sadeghi Joola was enormously refreshing and evoked nostalgic feelings towards my past in Dezful.

Dezful, the city where I was born in, spent my childhood and early youth, has always been vividly present in my dreams,writings, plays, short stories and poems since I have left it. What is this tie between the city and I which is like a hand connected to the body? Is it the sun? the heat? the smell? orange blossoms? the ancient architectural buildings? Shavadoon? the language? the music? the laughter? the anger? the fight?....or resistance?
Did I learn "Depth" from "Shavadoon" where we wove dreams, found shelter, serenity, peace and coolness?

Shavadoon, a place dug over forty steps under the ground

The entrance of this house reminds me of my childhood house and my father's medical clinic.

Another Entrance of an old house.

Pela bachiloon. A very old part of the city

Konar tree. We had a one hundred year old Konar tree in our house. Our house is now a school "Dr. Goushegir school" for special students.

Another entrance of an old house.

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