Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Kaveh Adel's Book "The Boy and The Red Balloon"

An article on Kaveh Adel's book, The Boy and the Red Balloon.
Susan Dibble writes:
"Adel's probably not about to give up the dental practice he enjoys to write books. But "The Boy and the Red Balloon," which he both wrote and illustrated, does bring together the other interests in his life - his love of family and the arts.

The son of a playwright mother, Adel took refuge as a kid in the works of writers such as Jules Verne, Jack London and Mark Twain. He also drew pictures to help cope with life-changing experiences that included the Islamic revolution in Iran, war, his parents' divorce and immigration.

Born to a family that included both doctors and artists, Adel decided dentistry best combined his two passions.

"I was always interested in helping people," he said. "Dentistry seemed to be almost the perfect match because you get to use your art in your handiwork and artistry."

Some of the new materials used in dentistry mold like ceramics and clay, he said."
Kaveh is my son and I'm very proud of him.

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