Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brutality of War!

In 1980, when Iran-Iraq War broke out in south part of Iran, I left everything (even my beloved son) behind and went to war zone to help the injured people. Devastated by the ferocity of war, I documented all the details and wrote my memoir. The result of being in the war zone and experiencing the brutality of war, was a hand written book and several poems. The modified version of it was published in a women's magazine under a Pseudonym...and the the original manuscript was destroyed by...

Art can always help to re-experience the real experience to learn from history and strive for humanity!

"Mehdi Monem's portraits of victims of the Iran-Iraq War are the result of years of effort. He was a photojournalist during that 8-year war and documented its impact on the people of Iran. With the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross, 96 of these portraits have been published in a collection titled "Victims of War". The objective is to pay more attention to defense-less civilians, prevent attacks on them during war, and ultimately spread the message of peace and friendship."
Pictures of victim's of the Iran-Iraq War

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