Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To the Memory of My Father: Dr. Goushegir

Some years ago, my sister Azam wrote a very touching piece in the memory of my father in her blog. I have had always an urge to write about him. Perhaps this is the time!

My Sister Azam Houle

An article is also written by Najmeh Fakhraie on the political upheaval in Dezul in 1951. I do not agree with some of the author's Perspective, but it revived the precious memories I had from my father. It also arose my immense respect for him as a remarkable father, responsible physician and political leader and a unique human being.

"...Alongside them, a young, ambitious, brilliant doctor is there to greet him. One of the first doctors in his city to graduate from the University of Tehran and the son of a
much-respected local clergyman, he is nothing short of a god in their eyes. His popularity soared a year back when Dr. Shams, a well-known physician and professor at the University of Tehran traveled to Dezful to try and find a cure for an outbreak of trachoma -- a major cause of blindness in Asia.

In the town mosque, as Shams is giving a speech, the young doctor, Gooshehgir, stands up and in the captivating, stunning voice that was his mark to fame, reveals the true reasons for the spreading disease: no sewage system, no electricity, no running water, no hospitals. His town has been neglected and misused by the rich minority "khans" and this problem - like so many others - is their fault. " Read more

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