Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Devil Said, All Right!

Listen to Jacques Brel's Ca Va Le Diable

"One day the devil came to earth to look after his interests. He saw and he heard all and after he returned to his home below he said: All Right!
There are always a few fires lighting up the earth. All Right!
and men amuse themselves like madmen with dangerous games of war...All Right!..."

Trains derail with a crash because boys full of ideals put bombs on the tracks.
That creates new kinds of death, death without confession, confession without forgiveness. Good for me.

But in the newspapers everywhere all the bastards have their pictures...
That does harms the honest people and makes dishonest ones laugh. All Right! ha ha ha...

"Jacques Brel impersonates the devil who is pleased with what he finds on earth. Juliette Greco covered what was to be his first hit, kind of a protest song, radical for 1953. This is a shortened version."
Another version of Deshabille moi sang by Mylene Farmer. The original song is by Juliette Greco.

And...Listen also to Jacques Brel's L'Ivrogne
Friend, fill my glass
I'm sick of being myself...

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