Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lucia will dance tonight

By: Mahasti Shahrokhi

Translated by: Ezzat Goushegir

Lucia is calm, clever, and quiet. When they cheat her and pull the wool over her eyes, she would remain silent, but with her quick, delicate fingers taps repeatedly something which I can’t clearly understand what she means. She repeats over and over until I get what she really wants to tell me. I get angry for what she has been through and I scream out loud. Then she takes a deep breath and remains silent.

There are times when they cheat me and pull the wool over my eyes, too, and I wouldn’t be able to utter a word. I remain silent but it eats me from within. Lucia senses it quickly and with her quick, delicate fingers starts to restlessly communicate with me. She takes a deep breath and holds my hand tenderly to calm me down. I clearly know that if some day I’m in need, it would be Lucia who will stay beside me.

Lucia, lovely Lucia, whenever they cheat us and pull the wool over our eyes, she would constantly repeat something with her quick fingers, and I shout out loudly and restlessly, and she breathes deeply and smiles warmly, then holds my hand to calm me down.

Lucia, the innocent, kind Lucia….

She is the voice of the voiceless world. And it is I who sometimes speaks for her. Lucia is right: we should celebrate the only one chance of our “Being”, whether by shouting out loud or being silent. Lucia has always taught me that this is the way of life.

Maurice will throw a party tonight. I’m not in a mood to attend his party and bear all the noise. I tell Maurice I wouldn’t come.

Lucia looks at me with surprise. I explain to her the reasons. A spark flashes in her eyes.

I ask, “Will you go there, Lucia?”

Lucia shakes her head, and her eyes shine with joy.

- Lucia, do you like to dance?

She nods once again.

- …and you’ll dance?

She nods repeatedly.

I say: Maurice, I’ll come then, tonight!

- What made you change your mind? Maurice asks.

- Because Lucia will dance tonight. I can’t miss it!

- That’s right! Lucia will dance tonight.

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