Friday, July 3, 2009

The Solution (1)

To find the solution for Iran, read Caucasian Chalk Circle!

Do not put the child in the circle...Do not pull the child's hands harshly...Do not tear him apart...Wolves are all around the circle!

The main action of Caucasian Chalk Circle the play by Bertlt Brecht consists of a parable that is performed to celebrate the decision in the dispute. The parable, set during a feudal insurrection in the 13th century, concerns the struggle of two women over the custody of a child. The dispute between the governor's wife, who abandoned the child, and the young servant who saved the child and cared for him is settled by an eccentric judge who places the child in a chalk circle and declares that whichever woman can pull him from the circle will be granted custody. When the servant, not wanting to harm the child, lets the governor's wife have him, she is awarded the child, having demonstrated greater love than the natural mother.

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