Monday, July 27, 2009

Global Day of Action for Human Rights in Iran, and Prometheus!

I was one of the speakers in Global Day of Action for human rights in Iran at Federal Plaza in Chicago. Here is my talk and poetry reading in Persian.

"In 1905, my grandfather was active in the Constitutional Revolution, with enormous hope for a free Iran. Although the revolution was defeated in 1911, he told my father –when he was young--: “Be always vigilant on the political strategies!”

In 1951, my father was active in the Democratic Movement, with enormous hope for a free Iran. When Dr. Mossadegh’s government was overthrown by the American Coup d'état, my father told me: “Be like Prometheus, the fire giver, the defender of human kind who stole fire/knowledge from Zeus to give to mortals. But be aware of Zeus, the god of gods!”

In 1979, I was active in the revolution, with enormous hope for a free Iran. But when the revolution purged many of its most loyal supporters, I was punished for spreading enlightenment. For this crime a giant eagle tore apart my chest and ate my heart every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day. I told my son: “One century has passed. We’re still searching for freedom. And eagles are still hovering over our head! Learn from history. Learn from your great grandfather, your grandfather, and your mother!”

In 1979 I was among the protesters, today I only watch them from afar with enormous hope for a free Iran!

The world has finally noticed the true face of Iranian freedom seekers. And I whisper quietly: “Stay united. Don’t fall into factionalism. Resist foreign interference. And learn from the past in order to change the future.”

Read my poem "Breathing" in Persian.
هم آبم هم آتش
هم از جنس بادم هم از جنس خاک
هم از جنس غربت هم از جنس فرقت هم از جنس دوست
هم از استخوانم هم از خون و پوست
عصب در عصب بافته چون عشقه
ستون در ستون بیستون چل ستون در تنیده
روانم چو رود و توانم چو کوه و خروشان چو آتشفشانم
درخشانم از کوشش نور و از جوشش شور و از رویش یک تنفس
تنفس تنفس تنفس تنفس

Read my article "If the world says I'm Iranian!" in Persian.

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