Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Solution (5)

Photos for Peace

“The TREE needs water.”
Read an excerpt of Bertolt Brecht’s “Caucasian Chalk Circle”, and think about a helpful solution in Iran.

Azdak: Now place the child in the center. Stand near the circle, both of you. Now each of you take the child by one hand. The true mother is she who can pull the child out of the circle.
The Second Lawyer: High court of Justice, I object! The fate of the great Abashwili estates, which are tied to the child, as the heir, should not be made dependent on such a doubtful duel. In addition, my client does not command the strength of this person, who is accustomed to physical work.
Azdak: She looks pretty well fed to me. Pull!
(The Governor’s wife pulls the CHILD out of the circle on her side; Grusha has let go and stands aghast)
Azdak: What’s the matter with you? You didn’t pull!
Grusha: I didn’t hold on to him.
The First Lawyer: (Congratulating the Governor’s wife). What did I say! The ties of blood!
Grusha: (Running to Azdak) Your honor, I take back everything I said against you. I ask your forgiveness. But could I keep him till he can speak all the words? He knows a few.
Azdak: Don’t influence the court. I bet you only know about twenty words yourself, All right, I’ll make the test once more, just to be certain.
(The two women take up their positions again)
Azdak: Pull!
(Again Grusha let go of the CHILD)
Grusha : (In despair) I brought him up! Shall I also tear him to pieces? I can’t!
Azdak: (Rising) And in this manner the Court has established the true mother. (To Grusha) Take your child and be off.

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