Sunday, October 13, 2019

“Women and Diaspora, and the Challenges of Writing in Three different Languages”

“Women and Diaspora, and the Challenges of Writing in Three different Languages”.

**A short talk and Reading by Ezzat Goushegir, fiction writer and playwright in Chicago

13 October 2019 at 1:30 
8016 N Floral, Skokie IL 60622

Ezzat Goushegir has published five books in Persian, including “...And Suddenly the Leopard said Woman”, and “The Woman, the Room and Love”. Her plays in English have been staged in the U.S. and internationally, as well as published and translated into Mandarin and Arabic.
She will read some stories from her new book “The Woman Reluctantly Said Goodbye “, published by Mehri Publication in London.
The subject of her talk is “Women and Diaspora, and the Challenges of Writing in Three different Languages”. Following the talk will be a short Q and A.

 داستان‌خوانی عزت گوشه‌گیر نویسنده و نمایش‌نامه‌نویس

عزت‌ گوشه‌گیر فارغ‌التحصیل نمایشنامه‌نویسی و ادبیات دراماتیک از دانشکده هنرهاي دراماتیک تهران است. او از سال ۱۹۸۶ در آمریکا زندگی می‌کند و کارشناسی ارشد تياتر و نمايشنامه نويسي را از دپارتمان تئاتر دانشگاه آیووا دریافت کرده‌است. گوشه‌گیر نمایش‌نامه‌نویس، نویسنده، منتقد فیلم و شاعر است. از او تاکنون پنج کتاب به زبان فارسی منتشر شده است. از جمله مجموعه داستان‌های کوتاه: آن زن، آن اتاق کوچک و عشق، ... و ناگهان پلنگ فریاد زد: زن؛ آن زن بی آنکه بخواهد گفت خداحافظ، مجموعه کتاب شعر: مهاجرت به خورشید، و مجموعه دو نمایش‌نامه: دگردیسی و بارداری مریم. آثار نمایشی او توسط گروه‌های تئاتری مختلف به زبان انگليسي اجرا شده، از جمله نمایش‌نامه بارداری مریم که برنده جایزه ریچارد مایبام و نمایش‌نامه پشت پرده ها (بر اساس زندگی قره العین)كه برنده جایزه نورمن فلتون شد. گوشه‌گیر در کنار فعالیت‌های زیادی که دارد به‌طور منظم در مجلات ادبی فعالیت دارد و نوشته‌هایش در نشریات مختلف منتشر می‌شوند. در سال ۱۹۹۰، او به عضویت نویسندگانِ بین‌المللی دانشگاه آیووا درآمد و از سال ۱۹۹۲ در کنفرانس های بین المللی زنان نمایشنامه‌نویس زن در کشور های مختلف جهان شرکت کرده و نمایشنامه هایش را اجرا کرده است. گوشه‌گیر در حال حاضر در دانشگاه دپال در شیکاگو-ایلینوی، قصه نویسی و شعر کلاسیک تدریس می کند. عزت گوشه‌گیر در آوريل ۲۰۱۹ به دعوت هفته‌نامه شهروند و انتشارات «پان به» ونكوور كانادا به منظور رونمايي كتاب جديدش در محل انتشارات پان به قصه خواني داشته است. در شيكاگو نيز صحبت كوتاهی در باره تجربيات دياسپورا به‌ويژه از زاويه ديد زنان و مادرانِ تنها خواهد داشت و همچنين به تداخل و آميزش زبان مادری با زبان كشور مهمان اشاره خواهد كرد. او سپس يك تا دو قصه كوتاه از مجموعه‌هایش را خواهد خواند و زمانی هم برای پرسش و پاسخ اختصاص خواهد داد. کتاب‌های او نیز در محل سخنرانی به‌فروش خواهند رسید که درآمد حاصل از كتاب‌ها به زنان و مادران تنها و كودكان بی‌سرپرست در ايران هديه داده خواهد شد.

Monday, September 23, 2019

How to Be a Poet

How to Be a Poet

By: Wendell Berry

(to remind myself)
Make a place to sit down.
Sit down. Be quiet.
You must depend upon
affection, reading, knowledge,
skill — more of each
than you have — inspiration,
work, growing older, patience,
for patience joins time
to eternity. Any readers
who like your poems,
doubt their judgment.


Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet

By Pablo Neruda

Now we will count to twelve
and we will all keep still
for once on the face of the earth,
let’s not speak in any language;
let’s stop for a second,
and not move our arms so much.

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Listen to Sylvia Boorstein reads the poem in Brainpicking

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Wild Flower's Song

The Wild Flower's Song by William Blake
As I wandered the forest,
The green leaves among,
I heard a Wild Flower
Singing a song.

'I slept in the earth
In the silent night,
I murmured my fears
And I felt delight.

'In the morning I went
As rosy as morn,
To seek for new joy;
But oh! met with scorn.'

Monday, August 19, 2019

All Quiet on the Western Front at Greenhouse Theatre Center, Chicago

They want war.
The man who wrote it
Has already fallen.

This way to glory.
Those down below say:
This way to the grave.

Is not the first one. There were
Other wars before it.
When the last one came to an end
There were conquerors and conquered.
Among the conquered the common people
Starved. Among the conquerors
The common people starved too.”

With the rise of totalitarianism in the world; Erich Maria Remarque's 1928 renowned anti-war novel All Quiet on the Western Front, motivates Matt Foss, playwright and director, to reintroduce the notion of brutality of war in order to challenge the audience to rethink what would lead inexperienced youth to enlist into a new world war. The book was banned and burned in Germany during the rise of the Nazi Party. Now, we are witnessing new signs of nationalistic censorship growing in different societies.

Having lived through an eight-year war; assisting wounded soldiers and villagers in a war zone where an uncalculated/accidental movement could be a matter of life and death; the play evoked dark memories that war is nothing but destruction and death. Despite the play’s demonstration that war causes permanent physical and mental trauma, increases vulnerability to terror and savagery in all forms; it deepens your understanding of politics, increases your empathy and strengthens your ability to see through how the warmongers behind the scenes create and precipitate wars. 

Matt Foss’s adaptation is superbly theatrical with cinematic elements under his brilliant directing. With a collaboration between Red Tape Theatre and Greenhouse Theatre Center, the performance is a polished work of art in all its different elements. The stage is spacious with elegant symmetrical lights, the beautiful, uncluttered setting of wires upstage and several pianos which were used brilliantly as scenes shifted in synchronization with the sound of explosions, bombs, and combats.  Those were also used simply to break the total silence…or to emit a painful moan during knife strikes…Each scene dissolves and transforms into another scene smoothly and uninterruptedly. 

The play starts with the mixture of narration and performance, physical actions, choreography, movements, atmospheric images, in harmony with artistic use of music, hymns, rapid change of lights, sound effects, voice overs and effective silences with tic tocs marking time. All these theatrical elements worked well with some experimentation of German cabaret style and modern music and dance as a vital form of entertainment.

The intimate collaboration between director, actors, set designer, sound designer and composer, light designer, costume designer and choreographer, give the impression that the outcome of the process was the clear result of a skilled directing, techniques, discipline, cooperation, pure love, and hard work. The choice of multi-racial and gender ensemble gives the actors comfort and confidence to be completely connected, cooperative and present on the stage.  All the actors, equally, put their heart into their multi roles and performed magnificently. Elena Victoria Feliz as Paul, the narrator, was pensive, meditative and poetic. One of the unforgettable scenes was when Paul was granted leave to go back home to see his mother. The train, the sharp light as the sun, the encounter with his mother and sister, and the bar scene where his alienation with the absurdity of war was exceeded by the patriotic absurdity of the townspeople. This scene is one of the greatest scenes in this play.

All Quiet on the Western Front is highly recommended.

photos by Austin Oie

OPENING AUGUST 16th and running through SEPTEMBER 14th.
Fridays at 7:30
Saturdays at 7:30
Sundays at 2:30
Mondays (Industry Night) at 7:30

All Performances at the GREENHOUSE THEATRE CENTER, 2257 N Lincoln Ave

Cast & Creative Team

Cast: Charlotte Mae Ellison, Caitlin Ewald, Elena Victoria Feliz, Ian Maryfield, Colin Morgan, Alec Phan, Collin Quinn Rice, Laila Rodrigues, Brenda Scott Wlazlo*, Bianca Canigila (US), Austin Rambo (US)
Writer/Director: Matt Foss
Artistic Director:
 Max Truax*
Assistant Director: Kate Staiger
Producer: Ambrose Cappuccio*
Stage Manager: Emily Melgard
Assistant Stage Manager: Dan Poppen
Props Designer: Matt Foss
Casting Director: Catherine Miller
Sound Design and Composer: Dan Poppen
Costume Designer: Rachel Sypniewski
Lighting Design: Stephen Sakowski
Movement and Choreography: Leah Urzendowski
Scenic Design: Nick Schwartz*
Teaser Poster Design: CM Dugan
Marketing Director: Casey Chapman*
Associate Marketing Manager & Webmaster: Joseph Ramski*

Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Review on some books

نوشته ای که می خوانید نگاه من است به چند كتاب پارسي زبان كه اخيرن خوانده ام. كتاب "شب تير" نوشته ژوان ناهيد بخش نخست آن است

 My review of several books published in a weekly online magazine: Shahrgon . The first part is on Joan Nahid's book.