Monday, July 6, 2009

Email received from Shirin Ebadi

ALERT --Email received from Shirin Ebadi/Amnesty International

On July 25th, millions of people will gather in cities around the world to offer public support to the people working for democracy in Iran.

The inauguration of Ahmadinejad will take place sometime between July 26th and August 19th. July 25th was chosen to give voice to the millions who believe that this inauguration is based on a fraudulent election.

Please join us and let your readers know about this event.

Here is a link to site that describes more about July 25th

Thank you for your support.

July 25th event co-sponsors:

Shirin Ebadi, 2003 Nobel Peace Laureate
Karim Lahidji Iranian League for Defense of Human Rights (LDDHI)
Hadi Ghaemi , International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
Amnesty International USA
Omid Advocates for Human Rights

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