Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Historical Meeting

This is a historical moment to shift from cold war to peace. Over 500 Iranian artists, scholars and intellectuals signed a letter addressing President Obama to respond positively to President Rouhani's openness to have  dialogue for the sake of peaceful solution between two countries.

We should not forget that Hassan and Hussein were mythical brothers!

• Will you lift the sanctions and stop collectively punishing the Iranian people, who are suffering terribly?
• Will you stop saying “all options are on the table” and declare that there will be no military intervention in Iran?
• Will you lead the global nuclear disarmament movement by taking major unilateral steps to eliminate the U.S. arsenal of nuclear weapons?
• Will you promote peace in the Middle East by supporting a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in the region?
• Will you put the real needs of the American people and the environment ahead of geopolitics?

Will you direct your efforts towards releasing political prisoners, including religious and ethnic minorities?
• Will our trade unions live? Will your government stop repression of strikes and independent workers organizations?
• Will restrictions on journalists be removed? Will censorship be lifted?
• Will you push for social justice for women? Will women’s equal access to all fields of higher education be restored?
• Will you initiate anti-poverty and job creation programs?

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