Monday, September 9, 2013

Evanston for Peace

Today, at 7 PM, The American Friends Service Committee(AFSC), Chicago Peace Action, Justice and the Environment, Move-On, Neighbors for Peace; and Northshore Coalition for Peace organized a demonstration in downtown Evanston demanding Congress to vote No to U.S. Military Intervention in Syria.
They specified their reasons on opposing a new war, suggesting diplomatic solutions instead.

Why Do We Oppose?
·         - Our communities know that responding to violence with violence doesn’t work.  Military intervention will increase the bloodshed in Syria, and it risks further escalating the war and deepening regional divides.
·        -  Any Military action in Syria will have consequences. If military strikes turn into a US war that goes on for years (as they did in Iraq and Afghanistan)- or even if the strikes are short- they can cause huge cuts to jobs and services in our neighborhoods.
·        -  We must explore together how diplomacy, not war, is best for our communities and the people of Syria.

What Can We Do Instead?
·         - Right now the national debate is framed by two options: bomb or do nothing. But there are more than two options.
·        - We must explore a ceasefire, a conference of all the countries in the region, an arms embargo on all parties in the conflict, and continued humanitarian support for those fleeing the civil war.

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