Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Message from Code Pink

The next 10-days are crucial in raising our voices to stop an attack on Syria! We need you now more than ever to let Congress know we do not want the use of military force in Syria. Please contact your congressional leader today and commit to forwarding this email to friends.

As Congress convenes to discuss the use of military force in Syria, we plan to turn the heat up with daily actions. We plea with President Obama and Congress to seek an immediate ceasefire, begin regional peace talks and provide humanitarian aid to the over 2 million refugees fleeing the violence. After witnessing the devastation of Iraq, the on-going disaster in Afghanistan, the drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen, we can't possibly engage in a new war! We are a war fatigued country and we need the funds used for war re-directed to human needs!

We can’t let our government drag us into another war! Contact Congress today! Read the talking points about possible consequences of a military attack on Syria!

Peace in Syria!

PS - Medea was just arrested at the Senate hearing today speaking out against the war on Syria. Have her back and write to Congress today!

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