Tuesday, June 23, 2009

....tomorrow I may get killed!

I have found this letter somewhere, in one of my labyrinthine net search...I do not know where! I do not know how I came to that page! What page? I can't remember! I do not know who wrote it! I was overwhelmed with news. I could only copy and paste it. No name, no picture...but...provocative words!

"Tomorrow is a great day, tomorrow I may get killed!

Friday 19 June 2009

I will take part in the rally tomorrow. Maybe they will turn tomorrow's rally to violence. Maybe I'm one of those who are meant to get killed tomorrow. Now I'm listening to all of those beautiful songs I've heard in my life once again. I'm even going to play some ridiculous music and dance. I always wanted to pluck my eyebrows as thin as possible. Yes, tomorrow I'll even drop by at a beauty salon before going to the streets. There are some fantastic scenes in the movie "Hamoun", I've got to watch them once again as well. I should check out my library, some poems of "Forough" and "Shamlou" are worth being read once again. I should also scroll through my family album. My friends, I must call them and say farewell. All my property is two libraries, and I've told my family, to whom those books should be given. I've only got two credits left before I get my degree but, who gives a damn about a degree now! My thoughts are in a real mess. I've written these scattered sentences for the next generation, so they may know that we were not passionate and captivated. For them to know we did whatever we could, to improve their lives. So they know that even if our ancestors surrendered to Arabs and Mongol invasions, they didn't bow down to the tyranny.

This letter is dedicated to the children of tomorrow."

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