Friday, June 26, 2009

A drawing

by Kaveh Ahangar Adel
In Memoriam of our beloved brave lost sisters and brothers whose hearts were pierced and brutalized by the evil dictators. May these innocent souls in Baharestan,in Azadi, in Enghelab, in vanak..... and every corner of the beloved land of Iran never be forgotten....
I call my insignificant contribution: PERSEVERE IRAN, "NATARS", DON'T BE AFRAID!
Feel free to share it with anyone who wants to spread this to everyone so the voices of those who have been persecuted, brutalized, massacred, murdered for exercising their right to speak freely be heard and their names and faces be remembered.

Listen also to Joan Baez song "We Shall Overcome" (with some lyrics in Farsi) for the Iranian people.
Thank you Kaveh Ahangar Adel.

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