Friday, June 19, 2009

Latest Pictures! "We do not let history repeats"

"We do not let history repeats". Iranian people say it silently as rising up Dr Mossadegh's picture, the democratically elected prime minister in 1951.
As they are in the streets, screaming for freedom, they're also alarmed about another intervention in the country. Watch three parts video of 1953 coup in Iran.
Part one.
Part two.
Part three.
See the latest pictures of Iranian uprising.
Few hours ago, at night they all screamed for freedom from windows and rooftops, chanting Allaho Akbar, the key words of revolt used in 1978 & 1979.
What will happen tomorrow? What's waiting for this tremendous dynamic force for change?

My soul is with you... I'm all with fellow young, old, courageous and hopeful Iranians!

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