Friday, June 19, 2009

The emergence of a new language of revolt...

First listen to this song in support of the courageous protesters. Poem by Rumi! Then watch this video.

"We have all been silenced, forced into exile, and by virtue of the absence of freedom of expression in the Islamic Republic never had a chance openly, politely, and respectfully disagree with this violent or gentle over-juridicalization of our political culture." Read more...From Diary of a Defiance: Iran un-Interrupted by Hamid Dabashi

"A key and critical question at this point is the emergence of a new language of revolt that will correspond to the realities of this movement and not reduced to cliché-ridden, tired, and old assumptions. Any act of theorization of this movement, what exactly is it, and to what extend it will go, must be exceedingly cautious, gradual, and in correspondence with the manner in which it is unfolded." Read more by Hamid Dabashi

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