Saturday, August 24, 2013

In Support of Bradley Manning at Millennium Park

Wednesday Gay Liberation Network gathered  in support of Bradley Manning at Millennium Park in Chicago. They indicated that "shortly after Manning's revelations became publiv, then -Sec't of State Hillary Clinton claimed that Manning put lives in danger. But she failed to back up this claim with any evidence, and was contradicted by other officials. In fact, Manning's revelations SAVED LIVES by helping force the U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Clinton, by contrast, has cost countless lives by covering for Honduran coup plotters, and dictators in many other countries."

Democracy Now: “Army Private Bradley Manning was sentenced Wednesday to 35 years in prison and dishonorably discharged for leaking more than 700,000 classified files and videos to WikiLeaks about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and U.S. foreign policy.”

Democracy Now: “The 35-year sentence has been widely criticized by human rights group, legal and press freedom groups. The sentence is much longer than any punishment given to previous U.S. government officials who have leaked information to the media.”

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