Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bookman's Alley Closing In September after 33 Years

A year ago, before Bookman’s Alley was announced to be closed, I met Sir Roger Carlson. He was calm, gentle and deep. When I said hello, he looked into my eyes and said “How are you?”.  I asked him: May I make a documentary film on you and your beautiful museum? He softly said : Sure!  How significant it was to see his meaningful smile and hear those precious words. I was stunned with the valuable historical collections of books, magazines, clothes, objects, documents, art works, etc…I was swamped with work the next day...I couldn't find a camera....I never forgot him.  But the memory of those precious moments stayed in my mind forever.

"Owner Roger Carlson is selling the last 15,000 volumes at his beloved used bookstore in downtown Evanston, which is closing at the end of September."

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