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Sobhe Nahan/L'aube Latente by Mahasti Shahrokhi

Mahasti Shahrokhi, the Iranian exiled poet and writer published her new novel "Sobhe Nahan/L'aube Latente/Concealed Dawn" in August 11, 2013 in Paris . Her first novel, A Shawl as Long as the Silk Road (Baran Publication, Sweden, 1999) attracted critical attention among Persian readers. "Sobhe Nahan/L'aube Latente" is written in Persian and consists of 538 pages.

Mahasti Shahrokhi, the Author.

Mahasti Shahrokhi, is a journalist, theatre critic and storyteller. She was born in Iran in September 1956. She spent her elementary and high school years in Tehran and graduated from the Fine Art University of Tehran with a degree in theatre arts. In the fall of 1984 she immigrated to France and continued her education in variety of fields, including educational technology, study of ancient Iran, and comparative literature at the Sorbonne. Many of her articles have been published in artistic and literary magazines inside and outside of the country.
On 1999, She published her popular novel, A Shawl as Long as the Silk Road (Baran Publication, Sweden), and in 2003 a reccueil de nouvelles; She currently resides and writes in Paris.

Works published in English:

Poetry of Iranian Women, A Contemporary Anthology The Other Voices International Poetry, Edited by Sheema Kalbasi, Reel Content pulishing, Createspace, 2009, USA

 Another Sea, Another Shore: Persian Stories of Migration, Edited by Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami and Shouleh Vatanabadi, Broché, Interlink Publishing Group, 2003, USA

A Shawl as Long as the Silk Road

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