Saturday, July 24, 2010

Can Obama Keep His Promise to Iran's Youth?

Can Obama Keep His Promise to Iran's Youth?
"The early verdict on the new Iran sanctions is that even the "smart" sanctions have proven to be, well, dumb. Instead of targeting Iranian government officials connected to the nuclear program or who are complicit in human rights abuses, the new sanctions are punishing young Iranians who have been the greatest allies of democracy, human rights, and accountability in Iran." Read more...
Don't let Congress Green-Light Attack on Iran

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Mirel said...

Iran promised the annihilation of Israel. With a couple of atomic rockets (already his rockets may hit Israel) he may destroy Israel. There are a couple of posibilities: Ahmanidejad is sane enough NOT to do this;Ahmanidejad is fanatic enough to do this. What a leader of Israel has to decide? To wait? The responsibilities of a Jewish leader are greater than any other leader; a generation ago we were on the brink of annihilation in a holocaust. So 2000 years of persecutions and 6000000 of killed Jews may us think that the promises may be kept; we believe Ahmadinjad and his words...and Iran's youth? I didn't heard even one word from Iran's youth to condamn those declarations.