Sunday, April 13, 2014

All the Mornings of the World

"Tous les matins du monde (English Translation: All the Mornings of the World) is a 1991 French film based on the book of the same name.  Set during the reign of Louis XIV, the film shows the eminent musician Marin Marais looking back on his young life when he tried to become a pupil of Monsieur deSainte-Colombe,  and features much music of the period, especially that for the viola da gamba. The title of the film is explained towards the end of the film; « Tous les matins du monde sont sans retour » ("all the mornings of the world never return") spoken by Marais in chapter XXVI of Quignard's novel when he learns of the death of Madeleine."
Watch a scene: Sainte Colombe playing viola de gamba & dreaming of his wife.

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